Azu is the leader of Team Blu Emerald, a Monster Hunter team stationed in Creekville. She is proficient in magic thanks to the necklace she wears, but prefers using it to transform into a variety of swords rather than use physical magic attacks.

Appearance Edit

Azu is roughly 5'7.5", with short brown hair that is normally dyed a near-black brown. She has freckles that go across her cheeks and nose, and has semi-pale skin with dark circles under her eyes. Azu typically wears t-shirts, pants, and tennis shoes of varying colors, but tends to wear a dark teal blank t-shirt and blue-gray pants. She also wears a chain necklace with a teal star-in-moon charm; the source of her magic. Her eyes are gray-green, and she uses blue corrective glasses for nearsightedness. She also has a pair of wolf-like ears at the top of her head, from the time she cast a magic spell as a child that was far beyond her current talents.

Personality Edit

Outwardly, Azu acts rather bubbly, being overly happy to most strangers. But towards those close to her, her happiness is toned down and she acts more neutrally. For those people, she doesn't smile as often and isn't as cheerful, but she's truly happy whenever she is. Azu also isn't very sociable outside of people she knows, but will gladly ramble about a favorite topic of hers.

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  • Azu is basically ManielofDayfair's OC persona, but also acts as a normal OC
  • Azu is Russian-American
  • Her birthday is June 24th


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