Blue is a member of Team Blu Emerald, a Monster Hunter team stationed in Creekville. She is naturally proficient in magic, doing so through a combination of physical magic and martial arts.

Appearance Edit

Blue is roughly 5'8", with long dark brown hair that is normally dyed blue-black and has blue eyes. She has a birthmark on her chest that is oddly similar to a long gash, but is only a mark. She usually wears a long sleeved gray shirt with blue ombre on the sleeves, blue jeans, and blue tennis shoes, but occasionally also wears a white long sleeved shirt with blue sleeves. She also tends to wear a headband with blue and white faux wolf ears; the band hidden under her hair. Blue is rarely seen without the blue neckerchief she wears.

Personality Edit

Blue acts somewhat as the mother of the team, but not nearly as much as S.A.S.A.C. does. She's a bit more open to socializing with other people than Azu is, but still tends to be closed-in. She doesn't like questions being asked about why she always wears long sleeved shirts or shirts with collars close to the base of the neck, and will try to change the subject if possible. Otherwise, Blue is a very kind and patient person, even towards Kreiss.

Relationships Edit







  • Blue was originally ManielofDayfair's OC persona, but was changed to an actual OC shortly after Azu was first made
  • Blue's birthday is August 31st



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